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The Beginning of A WAR With North Korea Is A Matter of DAYS, Prepare Forb World War III!!

The advisor of the national security in the USA, Herbert McMaster has declared North Korea for “the biggest immediate danger for the USA”, adding that the chances for a nuclear war are increasing from day to day.

“The danger is growing every day, which means that we are actually in a race to be able to solve this problem as soon as possible” – said McMaster from California, when he was asked if the newest launching of the ballistic missile has increased the chances for a possible war.

The American Republic Senator Lindsey Graham has called Pentagon to start evacuating the families of the members of the American Army in South Korea, with the warning that a confrontation with North Korea is approaching.

“It is crazy to send your wives and kids in South Korea given the provocations that arise from North Korea. Because of that, I want Pentagon to stop with their sending and I think that t is time for taking back the families of the American Military personnel.” – said Graham who is also a member of the Committee of the Senate for armed forces in the USA.

Since North Korea has decided the last Wednesday to launch the newest ballistic intercontinental racket which reaches according to the information of the Saul and Washington is enough to fly on the territory of USA, Graham thinks that this is enough evidence that the war is coming soon.

“We are closest to war collision because North Korea has developed technology for a nuclear weapon that may fly on the territory of USA. The time is running out.” – said Graham.

The administration of the American President Donald Trump in few turns said that “ all the options are put on table” when it comes to solving the problem with the program with ballistic rackets and a nuclear weapon in North Korea, but still in the first plan is the diplomatic solution.

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