What if I say Aquaman and Ariel were coincidentally based on real-life beings that existed decades ago. Sounds hard to believe right? Something as good as Aquaman and Ariel from Disney could not be true but it could have been.

Turkey’s Lake Van, a beautiful destination that attracts thousands of tourists lies in the Eastern region of the country near Iran. The lake’s blue waters and serene surroundings make it a memorable experience for anyone who visits it.

However, till now people were unaware that a town laid beneath the deep waters of Lake Van. When a couple of divers decided to explore the depths of the serene water people told them they would find little in the waters.

The divers decided to go anyways and came across the ruins of an ancient city. The divers then called on archaeologists to carry on the investigation in the ruins they found. The archaeologists were amazed and filmed their journey underwater. It was clearly visible that there once stood a fortress under the water whose walls had now diminished to just 10 to 12 feet.

The archaeologists then came across with their hypothesis suggesting that a city underwater existed nearly 3000 years ago. The beings of that inhabited the city were half human and half fish something like Atlantis the home of the comic book hero Aquaman.

The archaeologists continue to investigate the site in a hope of finding out new evidence to the possibility of life that could have been underwater decades ago.

If found true this could be a groundbreaking discovery in terms of the existence of a whole a new species we knew nothing about. If we are lucky maybe some of their DNA survived and we can clone them to actually make the magical creatures come to life.

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