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Video games are always a treat and a favorite pastime for teenagers. Teenagers have been known to grow amazing decision-making abilities while indulging in some games while some have had a negative impact on their psyche. Like all the things they come with their pros and cons but what makes the games better are hacks that make us successful in the virtual world.

Every one of us has at some point in time used cheat codes to gain an unfair advantage in the gaming world but it was just for fun and we would proudly share those hacks with our friends. However, one such incident got a 14-year-old Delaware teen got sued for doing so..

Epic games the maker of an online multiplayer game named Fortnite are suing Caleb Rogers who played the game with the name of “Sky Orbit” for cheating in the game and sharing the video of the great hack on youtube. Rogers succeeded in finding out a way that would give some of the players an unfair advantage in the game and made a video of it.

The 14-year-old shared his proud discovery on youtube but it did not go down well with the creators of the game who slammed youtube with a notice of taking down the video on grounds of copyrights violation. However, the 14-year-old yet again outsmarted the creators claiming that only a part of the game was used in making the video and not all of it which does not make it a copyright infringement.

Youtube reinstated the video on finding the kid’s explanation good enough but Epic games filed a lawsuit against the teenager in the federal court of North Carolina on grounds of copyright infringement. The kid’s mother, however, backed him with multiple strong reasons as to why her child could not be persecuted apart for the reason that he was a minor.

So to all the excited gamers out there who are itching to make a video of their discovery in any famous game, beware the creators wouldn’t like it.

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