CEO Commits SUICIDE Inside Successful Factory. Find Out Why He Thought He Had No Other Option!

Lowell Hawthorne, the CEO of Golden Krust Bakery, killed himself inside his factory amidst worries that he was going to be investigated by the FBI for tax evasion. The successful businessman leaves behind a wife, four children and hundreds of shocked workers.

The founder of the Jamaican beef patty company that blossomed into a massive business all across the United States shot himself in the head while inside his New York factory. According to documents, the entire incident was captured of the factory’s security cameras.

Workers were astounded at the news they received of their boss committing suicide inside the factory. Many of them spoke out about the kindness and generosity they received from the businessman during their years of working for him.

They shared that they never had any indication that he was suffering from any kind of mental problems and that the business was doing better than ever.

Lowell Hawthorne, who once appeared on the show “Undercover Boss,” created his Golden Krust empire after watching his family’s bakery in Jamaica become a massive success.

He decided to take the business to the United States and after years of hard work had established a major food retailer that sprawled the entirety of the nation. Not only did Hawthorne acquire success for himself, but he also provided many of his family members with stable jobs and incomes.

Those who were the closest to Hawthorne have attested to his character and desire to help others. They say that he always made sure that his employees and family were looked after to the highest degree and that he wanted nothing more than to share his success with everyone around him.

Now that the CEO of the company has passed away, they state that they don’t know who will run the company now, but they are confident that the company’s success will continue.

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