From Romantic Days To A FATAL Weekend, This 19-Year-Old Girl Was Living Fairytale Life Until She Was Found DEAD Inside Her Boyfriend’s car!

Tatiana T. was a beautiful girl who had her whole life in front of her. In the end of November, this 19 years old girl from Saint Petersburg died under unexplained circumstances – far away from her home in Turkey. Her lifeless body was found in the car which belonged to her Turkish lover, the businessman Ibrahim J.

Before that, according to the Russian newspaper “Komsomolska Pravda”, they were on a short trip in the Turkish mountains – that is what Tatiana’s parents said. Ibrahim claims that Tatiana all of a sudden got sick after their returning in Istanbul and that she died accidentally. Tatiana’s parents don’t believe him because their daughter’s body was filled with bruises.

They are pointing also to the weird behavior of Ibrahim’s family, who also offered them a huge amount of money in order not to investigate how their daughter died. However, Tatiana’s parents asked for an investigation and they are insured that their daughter was murdered.

Everything started like in a fairytale. The last year in June, Tatiana went to Turkey after her classes for a nurse. She went to Turkey to work and earn money. One month later, she met the 28 years old Ibrahim who gave her expensive gifts, flowers, took her to restaurants…

Tatiana said to her parents that the only bad thing in their relationship was Ibrahim’s parents. They were against this relationship because of the different religion they had.

The Turkish police have opened an investigation. They said that they will not give any information about this until they don’t discover the truth.

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