This Girl Uploaded A Photo To Warn People Against The DANGERS of ALCOHOL. See The Full Image In This Post!!

Before six months, Hanna Lotric was having fun on a music festival in Nevada. She has started drinking alcohol a little bit later that her friends and she felt like she was behind them with the drinking.

In a certain moment, she was in a company with only a few familiar people who were drinking whiskey and she decided to over drink them all.

She took few sips from the bottle with whiskey, and then she had a whole glass of the drink. “What happened that night, I only know from the information that I have collected from my friends, because I don’t remember anything.” – the 21 years old said.

After having a bigger amount of whiskey drunken, she told her friends that she was feeling good, and 5 minutes later she fainted. Her friends took her in the first aid room on the festival, and from there she was taken to the hospital.

Hanna was in critic situation, she couldn’t breathe without apparatus, and the doctors thought that she won’t survive. She woke up from the coma after 24 hours.

“The doctors told me that I should be happy that I am alive. They told me that they were thinking that I won’t survive the night. They asked me if I was trying to kill myself with the drinking. That question hurt me the most. I understood that I must change my life completely and forgot about the alcohol” – Hanna wrote on her blog.

“The situation could be worse. For my luck, I had great people around me. Someone could easily use me while I was unconscious. But, now I am alive because my friends asked for help” – Hanna claims.

She hopes that with sharing this experience she will help the other.

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