Homeless Man Returned  10,000 DOLLAR Check To Its Owner. What The POLICE Did To Him Will DISGUST You!

Elmer Alvarez, a homeless man from Newhaven found a check from 10.000 dollars on the street. Besides that, he doesn’t own anything, and he has never earned that amount of money, he decided to return the money to the owner.

He wasn’t thinking of what he could do for himself with the money, but instead of that, he says that he was only thinking on that how the person who lost the money was feeling in the moment.

The check belongs to Roberta Husky, a rich American woman from Newhaven. Roberta didn’t even notice that she has lost the check until she got a call from Alvarez. She was amazed by the Alvarez’s act, so she decided to do something good and special for him.

Roberta says that there was a point in her life when she found herself homeless also and that she is now a single mother. She knows exactly how Alvarez is feeling, so she arbitrated to surprise him.

Roberta gave him few presents that he will never forget. She was recording the surprise in live on Facebook and she said that Alvarez doesn’t have an idea what is going to happen to him.

After that, she called this homeless man in her house and she praised his act of kindness: “You couldn’t know on whom this check could have belonged. You are not conscious how big heart you have”.

She gave him a certificate, and also a full stipend from the School Outreach for real estate where Roberta is president. In addition to this, she also provided him with free English classes, as well as counseling for his career and interview for a job when he finishes his classes in the school Outreach.

Alvarez was stunned from the kindness of the rich Roberta and he said that she inspired him to make better future for him and for his girlfriend.

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