Teacher REPORTS 6-Year-Old Boy With DOWN SYNDROME To POLICE For TERRORISM! Could He Really Be Responsible?!!

Every parent expects their child’s teacher to help them grow as a human being apart from imparting them knowledge and making them ready for the challenge called life and when your child is special it takes more efforts than ever.

However, a particular teacher at the CJ Harris Elementary School in Pearland, Texas got it all wrong when she handed a six-year-old boy with down syndrome to the police. Can you imagine that? Handing an innocent child who does not have the proper understanding of this world. Now you would be wondering what was it that he did that prompted her to call the police on the kid.

On being questioned as to why did she call the police she replied that the she suspected the child to be a terrorist.

Mohammad Suleiman, a six-year-old boy with down syndrome was attending his school as usual but his regular teacher had to go out due to some reasons and a substitute was called in. According to the substitute teacher the six-year-old child kept saying “Allah” and “Boom” which made her suspect that he could be a terrorist.

However, according to Mohammad’s father Maher the kid’s abilities are equal to a one-year-old because of the down syndrome and he does not speak at all. The father of the six-year-old has named the incident as discrimination at its peak and that too with an innocent child just because he is a Muslim.

The phone called placed to the police by the teacher prompted both Texas police and child protective services to launch an investigation into the matter. On investigating the case the police found out that there was no need for their involvement but the Child Services continue to get to the heart of the matter.

Maher revealed that the incident has tormented his family and the past few weeks have been the worst of his life. Discrimination and racism have continued to scar people in America and this incident may have crossed the line because claiming a six-year-old boy affected with down syndrome to be a terrorist doesn’t sound right at all. In the end it’s the readers call on how they react to the incident.

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