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This Method of Improving Your Vision Will Surely FREAK You Out, BUT It Does WONDERS!! Read On To Find Out What It Is!

When you think about decreasing vision namely long or short-sightedness, what is the first corrective measure that comes to your mind? We would say it would be wearing spectacles or one step better it would be going for a Lasik surgery that has proved to correct your vision hundred percent.

However, the Chinese have found a different way to correct their vision and when you hear of their method you are sure going to cringe. The innovative or rather scary and squeamish method that the Chinese have starting adopting is where they get their eyeballs shaved. Yes, you heard it right eyeball shaving is a thing in China and it has proved effective.

A 62-year-old barber named Xiong Gaowu has perfected the art of eyeball shaving and is providing the services for over 40 years at his stall in Jinjiang District of Chengdu. The barber offers the traditional haircut and along with it, he has one of the rarest of abilities to shave the eyeballs without hurting them.

The extraordinary barber sterilizes his blad with iodine solution and then exposes the eyeballs as much as possible by pulling back the eyelid. Gaowu then scrapes the eyeball carefully without damaging the eye. The method sounds bizarre but has actually proven effective removing the dirt that gets caught between the eye and the skin improving the vision.

Most of the 62-year-old barber’s customers are elderly people whose age is over 60 and the experienced barber has a rule of providing services only to people above 30.

No matter how weird the method sounds it has surely been effective and Guaow has been following the traditional method since 40 years. The use of unsterilized instruments and a slip of the hand but no method has been proven to be as effective as this.

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