Surrogate Mother REFUSES To Make An Abortion, Did She Make A BIG MISTAKE?!!

Surrogate mom refused to abort and she kept the baby which had Down syndrome when the couple for which she was having the baby told her to stop the pregnancy.

Andrea Ot-Dal was broken when in the 12 weeks of her pregnancy she got some bad news. Doctors told her that the baby who she was carrying has only 5% chances to survive and if it survives, the baby will have a serious handicap for a lifetime. Тhe unlucky pregnant woman from California was carrying the baby for her close friends – homosexuals, who tried to have a kid for six years.

Ot-Dal, who was already having 5 kids, donated her egg-cell to make their dream come true, without knowing that she was going to increase her family for one member plus for a short period.

During the screening time in the third month of the pregnancy, the bad diagnose was told to her. The baby’s name was already known – Delena.

“Doctors said that Delena was blind and with autism. They said that she will have water collecting in her neck and that will eventually kill her or will cause severe deformity and it will look like she is having one more head. They told us that she is having 5% chances to survive until her birth.” – said Keston, the wife of Andrea.

After getting the diagnose, the couple for whom Andrea was carrying the baby decided not to keep the baby and they asked for an abortion. But, after that, the 34-years old pregnant women and her wife got informed about the Down syndrome. They decided to keep the baby.

The little Delena, who has Down syndrome, was born in July 2013.  When she had three months, she had her heart surgery. After that, she didn’t have any other serious complications related to her health. This little girl has overcome the expectations of the doctors and this year she had her fourth birthday celebrated.

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