Woman Gave Birth ONE Hour After She Discovered That She Was PREGNANT, Her Reaction Will Leave You ASTONISHED!

Kathrin Kropas has received the biggest surprise in her life. The 23 years old American woman gave birth to a baby girl only one hour after she discovered that she was pregnant. The baby weighed 4,5 kg and the doctors said that the baby was perfectly healthy despite the fact that the mother didn’t know she was pregnant.

One morning Kathrin woke up with extremely strong pain in her lower part of the back. Immediately she went to see a doctor. At the beginning, the doctors couldn’t find the reason for her pain. Later, they decided to make ultrasound to Kathrin and they took her right away in the delivery room.

“I found out that I am pregnant at 22.15, and I give birth to the baby at 23.06” – said the surprised mother.

The baby was a huge surprise for the whole family because Kathrin didn’t have any symptoms of pregnancy, she has been taking contraceptive pills all the time and she had regular menstrual cycles.

It’s been an exciting couple of days, but it’s tiring. At this point, it might as well be a meet and greet.” – said the mother.

In the last period, she noticed some increase in her weight, but she thought that it was because of the all the food during the holidays. She also noticed that her knees were swollen, but she thought that it was because she is standing longer on her legs during her working hours.

Kathrin’s grandmother said that she was shocked by the news. “I couldn’t believe. I am living with her and I didn’t notice any signs” – she said.

Many times people are laughing and they can’t believe of these kinds of stories for “sudden birth”, but the doctors claim that every year there are 2-3 babies that are born unexpectedly.

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