Body of Woman That Went MISSING After Going On A Date On TINDER Found. Are ALL TINDER Users In DANGER?!!

Sydney Loofe went missing while on a date with someone she met on Tinder three weeks ago, now her dead body has been discovered by authorities. Police are still working on a cause of death, as well as trying to track down who may be responsible for such a horrific crime.

Loofe allegedly left her home one evening after notifying a friend that she was going to hang out with a woman she met on the popular dating app.

Then, no one heard from her again. A search ensued for several weeks, with police attempting to track down Loofe by using her cell phone’s location. However, their trail ended up cold with Loofe nowhere to be found.

Two people, Bailey Boswell and Aubrey Trail, were named as potential suspects in Loofe’s disappearance. Boswell is supposedly the woman Loofe was going to meet the night she vanished, and she has revealed that they did meet, but at the end of the night she dropped Loofe off at a friend’s house and never spoke to her again.

Boswell and Trail posted a video online claiming their innocence and attempting to tell their side of the story. Though police named the pair as possible suspects, they have not yet been able to apprehend the couple.

Sydney Loofe’s family has revealed their heartbreak at the news that their loved one has been found dead. They shared on social media that they are devastated that their worst fears have come true, but they thanked everyone who has prayed for them and helped to search for Loofe over the last few weeks.

They shared that now they can put her to rest peacefully and with dignity, instead of wondering where she is. They also revealed that they have complete faith that the authorities will find the murderer in due course.

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