This DERANGED Couple Filmed Themselves Having SEX With A DOG! The Way They Got Caught Is SHOCKING!

In one of the most disturbing cases of sexual abuse, a couple from Arizona has been arrested for allegedly filming themselves having sex with one of their friend’s dogs. To make matters worse, the dog was a service animal.

Police were notified about the incident of bestiality after one of the Melessa Martinez and Roy Johnston’s family members discovered the footage of the sexual abuse on a cell phone. According to reports, one of the videos filmed was that of Martinez engaging in a sexual act with the dog, while Johnston recorded and encouraged the behavior.

When authorities investigated the couple’s residence, they discovered multiple other recordings of sexual intercourse with various other animals. Officers who discovered the footage said they have never seen something so disturbing and that only really sick individuals could ever do something so atrocious.

Martinez and Johnston admitted their guilt and said that they got the idea to have sexual intercourse with animals after they read other news stories about couples getting caught doing the same. They decided to track down any animals they could and began filming all kinds of lewd acts for their own personal pleasure.

Authorities have ordered the couple to stay away from all animals for the rest of their lives, but Martinez claims that she needs a service animal by her side because she suffers from chronic seizures. Officials are considering all possible options before granting her permission to have a service animal in her life.

The friend who let the couple take care of her dog says she is absolutely horrified at the abuse her beloved pet suffered at the hands of people she thought were her friends. She says that she will never let anyone take her dog ever again and that she hopes the twisted couple get the punishment they deserve.

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