Father FORCED Daughters To MARRY CULT Leader! Find Out All The BIZARRE Details Here!

Two young girls, Hattie and Dina Coltharp, have been rescued after their father gave them to religious cult leader, Samuel Shaffer. According to documents, the father believed that his two daughters would be ready for marriage by the time they were 12 and that he wanted them to have a few years to integrate into the religious cult before they became wives.

The father, John Coltharp, also gave his two sons the group, but they were rescued several days before his daughters.

The two little girls were found in a freezing cold storage locker during the middle of the night. They were all alone and close to death. Authorities had busted the religious cult a few days prior to the discovery of the sisters. In the bust, leader Samuel Shaffer was arrested. It is then that the brothers were found and rescued.

An anonymous caller led police to the residence where Shaffer was housing all of his followers. Amongst them were many women and children, all who are now safely in custody and getting checked out a nearby hospitals.

Luckily for the two sisters, police went back to the compound to conduct a further search a few days after the initial bust, and that is when the girls were discovered. Authorities believe that the girls had been locked in the storage unit alone for several days.

The mother of the Coltharp siblings has shared that she and John Coltharp have just recently divorced and that she has sole custody of all four children. She revealed that Coltharp kidnapped all the kids and took them to this religious cult without her knowledge.

She says that she is so happy that she is going to be reunited with her kids after months of not knowing where they were and that she is pleased her ex-husband and the man who held her kids hostage are going to be put behind bars for a long time.


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