High School Student Falls SUDDENLY ILL! You WON’T BELIEVE The Reason It Happened!!

Northrup High School in Jerusalem, Missouri was put on high alert in early October after junior Stacey Quain (16) was suddenly removed from school and kept at home due to an “undisclosed illness.” Quain was taken from the nurse’s office after her homeroom teacher Jennifer McGuire (29) sent her to the principal for exhibiting aggressive behavior towards other students.

“She was trying to bite them,” reports Amanda Ader, a parent of one of the students. “Kelsie (my daughter) was really freaked out when I picked her up. She said that Stacey was acting weird, like really lethargic.

Then out of nowhere, she just freaked out, and started running at other people. Kelsie said that she definitely saw her trying to bite one girl’s neck, but Mrs. MsGuire was able to pull Stacey off. Some of the bigger boys helped, I guess. She tried to bite them too, but she couldn’t reach.”

School officials are being very quiet about the incident, stating only that Quain was recovering at home and that they were unsure as to when she would be able to return to school. As to the exact nature of Quain’s illness, they would not comment.

Some of Quain’s friends, however, have recently come forward stating that they believe their friend may have consumed a drug which is causing her to exhibit signs which are similar to zombie activity.

“I know how it sounds,” states a source who would only identify herself as Marie. “The night before all of this happened, Stacey and I went to a party, and she left early with a guy I’d never seen before.

I’m pretty sure he gave her something bad… She called me later after she got home, and she sounded really weird, like she was really angry. She kept trying to get me to come over, but it was so late, I told her no.”

Considering Quain’s violent actions the next morning at school, it is probably very fortunate her friend decided not to venture out to meet her that night!

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