Homeless Man KILLS Mother And Son Who HELPED Him. Is Helping The HOMELESS DANGEROUS?!!

A homeless man slaughtered a woman and her son who did their best in attempts to help him. The culprit, Aaron Barley, can be seen by CCTV as he crawls through the victims’ garden, dressed all black, trying to find a way into the house to murder the mother, Tracey Wilkinson and her 13 year old son. The family had tried helping Aaron in the past, providing him with shelter, clothes, food, and even a job, but apparently that wasn’t enough to keep him away from drugs.

He returned in his dark clothes and snuck upstairs to kill the mother and her teenage son, he then waited for her husband and ambushed him, stabbing him six times while shouting “Die you bastard”.

Peter Wilkinson, the husband, almost died from the injuries sustained, he recalls the events clearly, saying that he remembers coming back home from his walk, getting ambushed by the murderer, and hearing the paramedics say his wife was already dead while he laid on the floor himself.

While Peter Wilkinson was grappling with Aaron, he was stabbed twice in the face, abdomen, and back. Aaron, instead of continuing his onslaught, left Peter and went for the family’s 4×4, attempting to escape.

It was Peter Wilkinson who got up, walked to the kitchen, and phoned the emergency services. The last thing Peter recalls is sitting on a chair on the lawn and thinking he was about to die, before the paramedics arrived and saved his life.

Aaron Barley is set to stand trial for his horrifying murders. Peter, Tracey, and their little teenage boy had given Aaron all the help they could, they even provided him with a job a year before this incident took place. Peter says they even tried befriending him.

There appears to be no reason for Aaron’s actions. No motives, but Peter feels that Aaron had lost his job and his flat, and decided that he was going to take it all out on the only people who loved and cared for him.

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