A High School Musical MUSICAL Is On Its Way, But Could It REALLY Be As BAD As Everyone Says It Is?!

If you are a part of the generation that was witness to the Disney Channel phenomenons such as Hannah Montana and Camp Rock, then you’ll probably be really happy with this news: an official High School Musical musical production is in on its way to a theatre near you.

No one can deny the success and hysteria that the High School Musical trilogy garnered from 2006 to 2008, and while the madness may have died down, the films still hold a deep place in the hearts of many 20-something’s who were first to be introduced to a then-awkward and gawky Zac Efron.

It appears that a Broadway production company still has a soft spot for the films and has revealed that plans are being put in place for an on-stage adaptation of the movies due to open in early 2019.

Script details are being kept secret for now, so it is not known if the musical will be a further extension of the trilogy or a retelling of the films, but a leaked song list does reveal that classics from the movies will be included in the stage production.

Reports have also revealed that Zac Efron has been in talks with the Broadway producers to revive his iconic role of basketball star turned theatre performer, Troy Bolton.

Stephen Spielberg shared on Twitter that he will be directing the stage show, which will be his first attempt at over-seeing a live-action show with singing and dancing. Bruno Mars has also signed on to be the show’s choreographer.

Initial reports of this High School Musical revival share that anyone who owns all three of the trilogy DVDs at the time of the show’s opening will receive free and unlimited entry into the venue, as well as backstage passes to meet the cast after the show.

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