Mother Placed Her BABY In The FRIDGE! What She Tried To Do Is SICKENING!!

Angela Blackwell has been sentenced to five years behind bars after she was found guilty of killing her days-old son by placing him in the refrigerator for a few hours. Allegedly, Blackwell was so overwhelmed with taking care of the newborn by herself that she snapped and did the unthinkable.
According to documents, Blackwell confessed to police that she woke up to her child crying in the middle of the night.

She stated that nothing would soothe the crying baby, and the only place she could think to put the infant so she wouldn’t be disturbed by the crying was in the fridge. The next morning, a neighbor went over to Blackwell’s home and found her screaming over her baby’s dead body.

Blackwell’s legal team state that the woman has no concept of right and wrong and that she has an incredibly low IQ. They share that she still doesn’t grasp the fact that she committed murder and therefore cannot just go back home and carry on with her life. Her lawyers reveal that though she confessed to police that she killed her child, her intent was not to cause any harm to the baby.

Angela Blackwell was a part of special education classes all of her life. She grew up very poor and still doesn’t have a lot to call her own. Allegedly, she lived under the same roof as almost 10 other people in a home that was basically falling down around them.

She has one older son, who is now in foster care, that she asked the judge to go home to for Christmas. Her lawyers say that the request is another indication that she is completely unaware of the consequences of her actions and another reason that she should be treated differently than someone with the ability to fully comprehend right and wrong.

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