Woman Claims Restaurant Is HAUNTED By GHOST of MURDERED CHILD! Strong EVIDENCE PROVES Her Right!

Savannah is known as the most haunted city in America, so it is no surprise that Brice claims her restaurant is being haunted by the spirit of a small child.

Eerie happenings started the day that Brice purchased the restaurant and began doing renovations on the building. She alleges that ladders were being pushed over by unseen hands and mirrors were smashing all on their own.

Right from the beginning, Brice new that there was something special about her restaurant, but these odd experiences did not deter her from going ahead with the opening.

After several months of renovations and paranormal incidents, the restaurant opened to a slew of hungry patrons. That is when the customers began talking about scary experiences they endured.

Allegedly, one woman was in the bathroom when the stall door next to her opened on its own and the toilet flushed. Then, one of the sinks turned on almost like an invisible person was with her using the bathroom facilities.

After multiple reports from patrons, Brice decided to investigate the history of the building and whether or not there could be some spirits still living there. What she found was shocking.

Back in the late 1800s the building was used a school for local children. Documents reveal that a female student was found dead in one of the classrooms by her fellow students.

After a brief investigation, authorities determined that the girl had been murdered, but the culprit was never captured. Brice believes that it is the young girl who has been causing all of the mischief in her restaurant.

Though Brice has not been able to capture any concrete evidence of the paranormal activity on camera yet, she has set up multiple security cameras around the building in the hope of one day catching something. For now, she says that she can handle the ghostly happenings that are taking place, but states that if it gets worse she may have to rethink her restaurant’s location.

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