Worker At Halloween Supply Store DIES In The Most IRONIC And UNFORTUNATE Way! Find Out HOW!

17-year-old Ashley Tamblin was stocking shelves and arranging mannequins when the unthinkable happened. A prop sword that she had just attached to a figure standing on a 10-foot-tall platform slipped and came plummeting down into Tamblin’s skull. Though the sword was a prop, it was still made from a sturdy, metal material with a sharp point on the end. Tamblin was killed instantly.

She was not found until the next day when other employees showed up to begin their shifts. When they stumbled upon her body, they believed she was just playing a prank on them. As they got closer to her, they suddenly realized the horror they were witnessing.

Allegedly, one of the workers who discovered her lifeless body has been admitted to the hospital due to trauma and a mental breakdown.

Authorities looked at video surveillance footage from within the store, which depicted the horrific incident that ended Tamblin’s life. The store remains closed for the time being while police continue their investigation.

Ashley Tamblin’s family have spoken out about the loss of their beloved daughter and sister. They shared that she was a massive fan of Halloween and that she had been working at the store for over two years.

Her mother, Brenda, revealed that the exact costume that ended up killing Tamblin was the costume that her daughter wanted to wear to her neighborhood’s annual block party. The family states they will never be able to be in the presence of swords, real or prop, ever again.

A fundraiser has been started by community members in order to raise money for Tamblin’s funeral expenses and to create a memorial in her honor.

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