CONTROVERSIAL Nevada Representative Ruben Kihuen GUILTY of SEXUAL HARASSESMENT! You Won’t Believe WHO His VICTIM Was!!

Reuben Kihuen, a Democratic Rep, harasses a 25-year-old woman. This led the young lady who was working in his campaign to quit her job. According to her, she kept receiving date and sex propositions from Reuben, and this didn’t auger well with her.

The chair sympathized with the young lady after hearing about the allegations, and he apologized on behalf of the campaign committee.

He repeatedly harassed and made sexual advances at me during the 2016 congressional campaign said, Samantha. She confesses that she didn’t know what steps to take just like many other young women being harassed out there.

She also didn’t find the best idea to bring the matter to the campaign’s leadership. Those above led her to quit her job.

The young lady who worked in Reuben Kihuen’s 2015 campaign to unseat  Crescent Hardy left the job in April 2016 which is roughly five months. Samantha accused him of touching her thighs without her permission not on one occasion but two. Reuben however still went ahead with the primary race.

Samantha went ahead to address what she had gone through that led her to quit her job to a contact in the campaign committee. She wasn’t sure how relaying this information would do or what step they would take, but she felt that she needed to speak out.

“A conversation took place,” confirmed a staffer at DCCC. The middle-class staffer who no longer works there admits that he doesn’t remember Samantha giving specific details. She only said that Reuben did things that she was not comfortable with.

The staffer felt that Samantha did not want the matter escalated. However,  she had texted a friend, and the screenshots were evidence of the matter at hand.

Due to Samantha’s case, many women began to speak out.Policies were put in place to protect women from suffering sexual and inappropriate behaviors in the workplace.

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