Here Are ALL The FROGS That Meghan KISSED Before FINALLY Meeting PRINCE Harry, DISGUSTING!

Did you know that Megan Markle got engaged to prince Harry? Yes  the son of Charles, prince of Wales and Diana prince princess of Wales from England. Megan is a half cast of black and white is a member of  the royal family already.

The two officially made known  of their engagement on Monday. Well we all know that once someone joins  the celebrity world their past has to be dug. So how many men had Meghan really dated before Prince Harry? How many frogs did she really kiss?

Her ex spouse a film producer is known as Trevor Engelson  a 41-year old American. Meghan and Trevor met way back in 2004 thanks to their mutual interest in the entertainment industry. They divorced in 2013 having dated for seven years. News have it that their careers contributed majorly on their drawing apart.

Their smiley faces had filled the screens on their wedding and no one would have thought that the two would separate two years down the line.

After marriage they settled in Los Angeles. Thereafter, in order to meet filming schedules Meghan was travelling to  LA and Toronto  whereas her husband didn’t move due to the accessibility of Hollywood. Rumours have it that the distance contributed to their seperation.Each of them was travelling in search of their career goals therefore neglecting their marriage.

Rumors have it that Meghan dated Cory Vitiello. Who is this guy Vitiello anyway ?He is said to be a chef from Canada. He has happens to be part of a reputable hotel in Toronto. He also manages Flock a chicken hotel.Reffering him as a celebrity wouldn’t auger well for him he told the Toronto life.

Meghan and Vitiello are said to have dated for two years. Reporters say that the two were spotted together even after Meghan met Harry. Attempts to clarify this news were denied by Cory.

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