Woman With Uterus IMPLANTS Gives BIRTH In Texas. Is The Child Going To SURVIVE?

Finally, a breakthrough in the medical field after a woman with a uterus transplant gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in Dallas, Texas.The overwhelmed doctors announced this on Friday. The clinical trial began last year at Baylor University Medical Center.

Well, did you know that the clinic as mentioned above had previously performed uterine organ transplants from the living and deceased donors? However, it is not the only clinic to perform this type of transplants successfully. The boys birth was one of a kind no other clinic had ever performed such a transplant.

According to Time magazine, in 2016 it was reported that four women had undergone the uterus transplant. The surgeon narrated to Times the story of how emotional everyone got after the baby boy was delivered. The mother underwent a scheduled C-Section.

Before the introduction of Baylor’s Clinical trial, some women had lost hope in ever giving birth due to missing or nonfunctioning uteruses.

Time gathered that during the trial eight women underwent the transplants and so far three are unsuccessful. Good news is that another woman forms the list is pregnant from a living donor uterus. If all goes well, Baylor clinic will report the second birth in history.

Although many people would like to get a glimpse of the blessed mother and father, they choose to remain anonymous. The donor, a registered nurse, residing in Dallas, tells of how she was touched after hearing about the Baylor’s transplant and felt the urge to donate hers.

The nurse and her husband decided they didn’t want to get other children after delivering their two boys. She went ahead to encourage other women out there to take an initiative of donating their uteruses to women with difficulties in giving birth. She says it is unfair for women not to get the opportunity to carry and hold their babies

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