Ivanka Trump ACCUSED of Copying INDIAN FASHION. The Way She Responded To The CRITICISM Was BRILLIANT, See For Yourself!

The daughter of the President of the United States of America, Ivanka Trump is on the spot for assimilating Indian’s styles. Ivanka attended the highly anticipated entrepreneurship summit when she caught everubody’s attention with her fashion.

She wore a green and yellow oriental dress that completely assimilated Indian’s dress culture.Media outlets compared her outfit to that of Kashmiri Pheran. The dress was worth $3500 along with $3498 Tory Burch.

The event that was held at a pearl trading city known as Hyderabad was attended by prominent Indian and oversea leaders.

Later in the event, she wore a striking printed Saloni red dress. All in all, it’s very clear that Ivanka’s wardrobe is always on point. She is known for her expensive outfits accessories.

The first daughter has always never paid attention to public criticism regarding a wardrobe choice.

Ivanka has also copied Melanie Trump’s wardrobe not to forget the famous grey suit that trended. Although the first daughter and the first lady are reported to always never having s good relationship, it’s way much clear that both of them have high admiration for each others fashion styles.

This is not the first time the first family has been accused of assimilating their outfits. During the inauguration of the president of America, his wife Melanie Trump wore a blue outfit previously spotted with late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who was the wife to the 35th president of the USA John F. Kennedy.

Melanie Trump is famously known for two factors; dressing expensively and emulating former first ladies of the United States.

Either way, they are filthy rich and can wear as they wish

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