Kendall Jenner Is UPSET With Bella Hadid’s ROMANCE With The Weekend, What She Did Was REALLY UNCALLED FOR!

The Weekend seems to have gotten a romantic comfort from Supermodel Bella Hadid after his breakup with songstress Selena Gomez. The two had being a silent relationship for almost 2 years until she revealed her kidney transplant news.

The singer broke the news through her Instagram page thanking her best friend Francia Raisa for donating a kidney to her. It was reported that the cause of the break up was her close friendship with then ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. The Weekend claimed he was the one who decided to end the relationship.

Now The Weekend is dating one of the glamorous Victoria Secret’s top model Bella Hadid. Although neither of them has cleared the air whether they are dating or not, fans are going wild about their romance. This is not the first time the two have been linked together. Bella Hadid dated The Weekend before his romance with Selena  Gomez sprung up.

The model’s best friend Kendall Jenner is said to be upset with Bella’s decision to get back with former ex boyfriend The Weekend. Kendall is a tough girl when it comes to relationships. She doen’t believe in second chances. She strongly believes that if The Weekend was able to leave Bella once, he is still going to do it again.

Recently the Kardashian reality start was on a vacation in Bahamas with fellow model Hailey Balwain when she expressed her thoughts on Hadid-The Weekend getting back together.

Kendall who is now dating NBA Star  Blake Griffin seems to have learnt relationship rules the hard way. She has been romantically linked with top superstars like ASAP Rocky, Jordan Clarkson, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Ryan Nassif and more leading Hollywood stars and the relationships never ended in good terms.

According to her family and friends, Kendall is very strict when it comes to relationships. During her relationship with Harry Styles, the Jenner sister is reported to have given the One Direction Star strict and “rude” demands. And oh hey! Even grooming orders!

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