Mariah Carey’s NEW BODY Will Leave You DROOLING! Did She Go TOO FAR?!!

On Thursday night, Mariah Carey stepped into the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The legendary singer was celebrating the 30th anniversary of AHF Worlds AIDS Day.

She was looking absolutely fantastic. Her figure-hugging black dress brought out her great physique. She must be enjoying turning heads for the right reason. But it did not come easily. The singer had to open her wallet wider for a weight loss surgery. Though the operation was to be kept a secret.

But does the singer felt a pinch in her pocket? Well, the girl is wealthy!

The decision came after the singer felt insecure about her weight. Every woman feels so after adding a few pounds. The gastric sleeve surgery was explicitly successful!

We all know the insecurities that come with weight gain. There is always reduced confidence and low self-esteem. But most of the times our mouths betray us.

The “mouth-can’t-stop-chewing” disease had caught up with this legendary singer. But now thanks to the surgery that helps in shrinking the size of the stomach. It means she will now eat less!

The “Heartbreaker” songstress says she now feel better and back to work. The mother of two (twins) has lost 25 whopping pounds! The show could not have ended in hype if this 47-year-old goddess could not have performed.

The curve-hugging gown flattered her new acquired figure. With safety pins details, the black Georgine dress fitted her so well and demonstrated her excellent fashion sense. The online body shamers are now quiet as she slapped then with her curvaceous body.

Mariah Carey can now dress according to her size which she had previously ignored due to low-self confidence that was quickly catching up with her.

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