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Is Michael Flynn LYING To The FBI? The Sentence He Got Will ANGER You!

Did you know that making false accusations to the FBI can lead you to court? Well, Michael Flynn knows this all too well. This is after he was aligned to court on Friday after making false statements to the FBI. Robert Muller is the lead counsel in the extensive investigation which includes other four previous Trump advisors.

Flynn, a Former national security adviser, was a vocal supporter of the Donald Trump’s campaign. Mueller made him a primary focus due to his business dealings and different interactions in the campaign trail.

As evident from the court documents, Michael will confess to lying about his conversations with Russia’s ambassador before Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Note that Flynn confessing to the charges will make history. Well, apart from the retired Army Lieutenant, no one else working in the Trump White House has ever faced formal charges. Renowned sources state that the elections come 2016 will be examined, and Russia and Trump campaign will possibly coordinate.

Robert has stated that Flynn is very cooperative with the investigation and the chances are that he is doing this to acquire mercy. He has been involved in various investigations in the past such as being accused of lobbying work for Turkey although this was only once.

According to James Comey FBI director, Donald Trump had shown interest in Flynn’s case, and he had asked for the termination of the investigation in a private Oval meeting. The white house, however, denied the statement.

White House officials accused Flynn of misleading them which led to his forced resignation in February. The claim of Russia’s election meddling was announced to be false by the prosecutors.

Early last month, the other three campaign officials summoned together with Flynn were charged. The lawyers resisted relaying information in regards to the ongoing case to the legal team. However, they were arising signs of Flynn cooperating with Roberts team. The prosecutors postponed  Flynn’s scheduled grand jury until further announcement.

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