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Another headache for President Donald Trump!

Prosecutors reported that Michael Flynn lied to FBI regarding the content of his contentious communication with Russia’s ambassador to the United States.

On Friday, Michael, a retired Army lieutenant general and once Trump’s national security adviser, surrendered and pleaded guilty to lying to FBI but has agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors. He admitted to knowingly making fictitious, materially false and fraudulent statement to federal prosecutors.

Robert Mueller, the prosecutor for the special counsel, lodged charges against retired Army lieutenant as he probes connections between Russians and Trump’s presidential campaign. Mueller’s office retorted that Michael’s omissions and false statements have material impact on the coordination between Trump’s campaign and the effort from Russia to interfere with 2016 presidential elections.

Was Flynn living a life of guilt? Yes, he was! He said it was excruciating for him to endure false accusations of treason and other many outrageous acts.  Through his faith in God, he is ready to set things right. Did trump hear this? This could cost him his presidency. Americans must have been cheated!

A leading defense lawyer- name withheld- termed Flynn’s plea as a “very big deal.” The prosecutor Mueller firmly believe that Michael will be instrumental in prosecuting other Trump’s associates.

Flynn is fundamental to the “whole thing.” The retired Army lieutenant become the fourth person associated with Trump campaign to get charged. Could this case be the “mother of all” cases?

While leaving the court corridors, Flynn met angry protester who demanded he gets LOCKED UP. The quagmire that surrounds Flynn’s ties to the Russian Government had cracked and plagued Trump’s administration.

Was he paid thousands of dollars by Russians to hide vital information? Mueller’s investigations will reveal this!

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