Two Men Create FAKE CRIME Scene With DEAD Dog’s BLOOD. Their Motive Will SHOCK You!

Two men, Jeffrey Spence and Casey Spence, have been arrested after they allegedly murdered a random dog and used its blood to make it look like they had been attacked. The two men have been charged with assault, as well as stealing a car.

Police arrived at the home of Fred Daniels to find him lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood. He had been hit over the head with an object and then his attackers took off in his vehicle. Daniels knew who his attackers were, and police arrived at the home of the Spences to question them about the incident.

At the Spence residence, police discovered part of their house covered in blood, with a hole in the wall. The men alleged that Fred Daniels had come over to their home and tried to shoot them. They revealed that they hit him over the head in order to protect themselves. However, upon further investigation around the property, an officer discovered the dead dog and then put all of the clues together.

The Spence men eventually came clean and stated that they had staged the entire crime scene. They went over to Daniel’s home and attacked him with a bat and then stole his car simply because they had a long history of fighting arguing with the man.

They also admitted that the dog was a stray that they found on the side of the road and decided to kill to make it look like a struggle had occurred in their home. Their main objective was to get Fred Daniels locked up.

Fred Daniels ended up getting dozens of stitches in his head, but is expected to make a full recovery. The two Spence men are awaiting trial and if convicted of their charges could face several years behind bars.


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