Two THUGS Beat Up DISABLED Man On Basketball Court. What They Did To Him Will Leave You STUNNED!

Two men have been arrested after they allegedly attacked a man with autism and then stole his shoes and cell phone. Terrell Newton and a 16-year-old boy have been charged with theft and assault. The disabled man says that he is too scared to leave his home and would just rather keep to himself from now on.

The incident occurred when the autistic man went to his favorite spot to play basketball. When he got there, he noticed a few guys playing, so he went over to ask if he could join in.

He was hoping to make some new friends. Instead of allowing the man to play with them, Newton and the teenager began accusing the disable man of stealing one of their phones.

The man with autism attempted to tell them he had done no such thing, but before he knew it he was being pummeled with blows from every direction. He tried to tell his attackers that he was disabled and that they must have misunderstood him, but they continued to beat him up. Then, when the autistic man was lying on the ground, his assaulters took his shoes and phone and ran off.

The disabled man was able to get back on his feet and ran after the two individuals who had robbed him. He eventually caught up to them, but instead of giving his belongings back, they beat him up for a second time. When they were happy with what they had done, they fled again.

Luckily, a passerby saw the disabled man on the ground and called for help. When police arrived, he was able to give them such a good description of his attackers that they were caught within minutes.

The disabled man’s father says that his son is now terrified of pretty much everyone he doesn’t know and states that his son refuses to leave the house anymore for fear that he will be beaten up again.

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