Worker At Homeless Shelter ARRESTED For Sexually Assaulting The People He Was Meant To Be HELPING! What He Said Was JUST As DISTURBING!

A worker at a homeless shelter in New York City has been arrested after allegedly abusing and molesting several of the women that were staying at the shelter. Clyde Johnson has been charged with sexual assault and groping. In all, there were four reports of indecent behavior on Johnson’s behalf.

Two women who were staying at the shelter came forward with accusations that Johnson had assaulted both of them two separate times. He allegedly fondled one woman’s breasts without her consent and forced the other woman to touch his erect penis.

The women claim that they felt helpless because they had nothing in their lives and that Johnson used the fact that they were being allowed to stay at the shelter as a way to keep them quiet. Reportedly, he told them that he would have them kicked back out onto the street if they told anyone about the abuse they were enduring.

Once officials learned of the accusations of sexual abuse, they immediately placed Johnson on a 30-day suspension from his position at the shelter. The shelter then launched its own internal investigation alongside a police investigation.

The shelter states that they will not accept any of their staff members harassing and abusing the people staying in their shelter and that Johnson is going to be fired for good. Police are still working on gathering evidence to build their case against Johnson. He is expected to stand trial within the next few weeks.

Other individuals who currently reside at the homeless shelter have spoken out about their shock and sadness upon hearing the news that someone they saw on a daily basis would take advantage of women in such a delicate state.

They share that they had no knowledge of Johnson’s abuse, but that they are glad that the women were brave enough to come forward with their stories so no one else can be harmed.

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