Caught On Camera: Man FORCED To Cut Off Dog’s HEAD After POLICE SHOOT It DEAD!

Nathan Goodwin claims that a Georgia police officer threatened to arrest him if he refused to cut off his dog’s head after the officer shot it to death. The incident was caught on camera and shows the entire situation that took place between Goodwin and the officer after the dog was killed.

According to reports, the officer allegedly shot the dog after it tried to attack him. The officer was responding to a call from a neighbor of Goodwin’s that claimed the dog had bit the neighbor. When the dog also tried to attack the officer, James Hollis, he pulled out his gun and killed the dog while Goodwin and his girlfriend watched.

Then, Hollis told Goodwin that he could either take his dog’s dead body to the local animal hospital to have it tested for rabies or he could cut off the dog’s head.

Obviously, Goodwin said he would take the dog to the vet, but in the cell phone footage, Hollis can be seen refusing to let Goodwin leave with the dog. He can then be heard telling Goodwin that if he does not cut off the dog’s head he will be arrested.

Fearful that he was going to be sent to jail, Goodwin reluctantly cut his dog’s head off with a knife given to him by the officers. His girlfriend stood by and took video footage of the event. It is evident that both the girlfriend and Goodwin were emotionally distraught by the entire incident.

After the dog’s head was removed, police instructed the couple to place the dog’s head in a garbage bag and take it to be tested for disease.

Goodwin uploaded the gruesome cell phone footage online to show people the traumatic situation he had been put through by Hollis. Word spread back to Hollis’ police department and he has been suspended while a formal investigation is being conducted into the situation. The cell phone footage will act as the main evidence in the case.

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