Jogger Stumbles Across ABANDONED Backpack. What He Found Inside Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!

Jeremy Hill (34) was going for his routine morning run through Claire’s Park, a beautifully maintained sanctuary of trees and flowers located in Union, Delaware when he came across an abandoned backpack hanging conspicuously off a tree branch near the south entrance of the park.

“It looked like some kid had hung it on the fence and run off to do something,” says Hill. “I never would have even gone near it, but it just caught my eye. I can’t imagine who would have picked it up if I hadn’t, but looking back now, it’s really unsettling. I felt drawn to it, that’s the best I can say. But what if someone else had been there? It makes me scared to think about it.”

Hill retrieved the backpack from the fence post in the park, and at first did not look inside, intent on bringing it to the park’s lost and found station at the main entrance. “As I was walking back, I started getting a really weird feeling, like something was watching me, or following behind me.

I don’t know how, but I knew it was because of the backpack I was carrying. I almost just threw it into the woods, but I knew that wasn’t what I was supposed to do. Instead, I walked with it to the lost and found, and handed it in. Once I was there with other people, I felt better.”

Hill’s relief was only temporary, however. “The guard on duty opened up the backpack, and pulled out this large book that was a dark color… It looked like it was probably one hundred years old, and as soon as I saw it, I got scared. I left as fast as I could.”

“The object Mr.Hill found appears to be some sort of old manuscript,” reports Officer Karlie Kenney (34). “This area was very active during the witch trial period, it was a kind of refuge for people that had to leave Salem and other areas.

It looks like Mr. Hill came across a spell book that dates back to the 1700’s. As far as what the book was doing in that backpack just left alone, nobody really knows. But Mr. Hill came across a very real artifact. If someone else had found it and tried to just use what was inside.. It could have been very bad indeed.”

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