We all know every relationship comes with its fair share of ups and downs, but Justin and Selena’s timeline can only be described as a cyclone of “explosive drama”.

Now we’re getting confirmation from Selena’s bestfriend Francia Raisa that she and Justin are trying again to rekindle their love story, but this time they’ve decided to do it in secret, and we mean, TOTAL secret. They’ve been going at it since early 2015.

No one has reported any public sightings of the couple, no paparazzi shots expose their relationship, and never have they came out and admitted what was going on for publicity, but Francia says they are now more flexible with the idea of a public relationship, and have actually started telling different people, so it may blow up soon.

“Honestly, I didn’t see the point of it. I’ve told them that keeping it in the lows means suffocating yourselves from the outside world. You can’t be seen together at restaurants or parties. You can barely walk together anywhere without raising some questions.

” Francia wrote on her blog, “I think as celebrities it is significantly harder to do normal activities as it is. I’ve found no reason for them to keep it a secret, but it’s their secret, and I had to respect it.”

Francia says that Selena disagrees with her on that, “She always says that the public has a very negative impact on her relationships, and she really wants to keep this one going. She thinks they built enough foundation to survive the stresses of the press and fans destructive gossip.”

Selena had already admitted that Justin Bieber was her first ever true love, back when she was just a teenager, she thinks revisiting that relationship might actually give her closure, because they’re drama had always ended with a cliffhanger.

Either Justin Bieber is the one or he isn’t, and Francia jokingly says he’s doing good so far.

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