The disaster at the Chernobyl reactor was said to be one of the worst in recorded history. Homes, farms, and entire towns were abandoned after the explosion.

Radiation spread over a vast area surrounding the nuclear reactor. It became so bad at one point that the only way to explore the area surrounding it was while using a hazmat suit immune to radiation

Recently, though, the government has worked to dial down the radiation still coming out of the reactor with a special shield. Even with all the new precautions, wild animals continue to breed in the surrounding area and carry radiation poisoning with them wherever they go.

Reporter Jonah Murdock of Massachusetts, went on an expedition with military personnel who patrol the outside border of the Chernobyl disaster site. (Illegal expeditions can gain someone nearly a decade in prison).

They went a few miles inward towards the reactor, and ran into a small pack of puppies that seemed very friendly to the group of human visitors.

According to scientists who continue to study the area, many animals carry radioactive particles in their fur. The closer these wild creatures live to the reactor, the stronger the radiation in the particles that they carry. This knowledge still doesn’t stop people from touching the puppies.

Jonah Murdock and three others in the group made the mistake of giving the puppies a little affection. Scientists have already warned tourists of the risk of radiation interacting with the animals, and sure enough the reporter and 3 of the other group members contracted Leukemia after getting acute radiation poisoning.

The particles in the animal fur can usually be washed off with a proper chemical bath, but because Jonah had waited so long, he developed this fairly common form of cancer.

Jonah Murdock is now going through treatment, but continues to struggle with the illness affecting him.

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