Man Claims WENDIGO DEMON Drove Him INSANE And FORCED Him To KILL His Family! Did The JUDGE Really PARDON Him?!

If you are familiar with Native American lore, then you are familiar with the legend of the Wendigo. If the name is unfamiliar, this is a creature in Native lore said to be responsible for dozens of deaths in forests across the United States.

The most consistent stories of the Wendigo come from the areas around the Great Lakes, and the Northern Atlantic coast, where the Algonquian people resided. There are also similar legends from the state of Washington. A handful of deaths were the work of a man named Jack Fiddler, a self-proclaimed Wendigo Hunter, who claimed to have slayed at least 11 in his lifetime.

There are conflicting and varying stories on how a Wendigo is created, but one thing is consistent throughout. When a human is driven to cannibalism, they lose their humanity and are rumored to be possessed by evil spirits, transforming into the flesh-eating creature.

A man by the name of Simon Denton, from Washington State, is accused on massacring his wife and three kids by authorities. His lawyer was asked for comment, but could not be reached, likely busy trying to devise a plan of defense.

Denton claims he was home eating with his family when a demon overtook him. He said that he developed an insatiable hunger for the flesh of a human. The man claimed that he could see what he was doing, but that he did nothing to stop it. It was almost as if he had wanted to hurt his family.

At the time, he says, he didn’t care what he was doing so long as he got to eat human flesh.

When authorities had recounted what he had done, Simon couldn’t help but vomit. He was shown pictures of what was left of his family, and kept asserting that it was not him who did this. It was the demon inside him that drove the man to kill.

Upon examination of his clothing, it was evident that ‘something’ had stretched it out as if he had grown in height.

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