Man CLEARED of KILLING His Daughter. You Won’t Believe WHO Admitted To The CRIME!

33-year-old Anthony Sanders has had the murder charges that were placed against him dropped after his 7-year-old son confessed to carrying out the crime his father was in prison for. Sanders was accused of killing his 2-year-old daughter by way of suffocation back in 2015.

Reports share that authorities believed that Sanders smothered his little girl after she disturbed him while he was playing a game on his computer. It was believed that he carried out the murder by simply placing his hand over her mouth until she could no longer breathe.

Anthony Sanders has been serving time in prison for over a year. However, prosecutors now say that the girl’s older brother has confessed to being the one who killed the 2-year-old.

From the beginning, Sanders has maintained that he discovered the little girl unconscious after his son she was sleeping and he could not wake her up. Allegedly, the 7-year-old boy told his mother that he had hit his sister in the head with a pillow. When he tried to remove it from her head, he claimed it was too heavy, so he just left it there.

Reportedly, he refrained from saying anything about the incident because he did not want to get into trouble for what he had done, despite his father denying that he was the cause of his daughter’s death.

Anthony Sanders’ attorney, Tim Moore, revealed that Sanders could not be happier that the charges against him have been dropped.

Allegedly, a document claims that upon investigation, it was discovered that Sanders’ daughter multiple bruises on her face and body, as well as bite marks on her back and a bloody ear

When asked about that evidence, Moore said that to his knowledge the case is now closed and no more charges will be brought up against his client.

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