Man KILLS Son And The Teacher Who Mothered His CHILD! The Motive Behind The MURDERS Will Make You PUKE!

Isaac Infante has confessed to not only killing his four-year-old son, but also the woman who he had the child with. According to reports Infante strangled both his son, Migel, and Felicia Barahona, who was a former teacher of Infante’s.

Allegedly, Infante first murdered Barahona in her apartment while his son looked on. He reportedly wrapped a cord around her throat and strangled her to death. After Barahona was dead, he turned his sights on Migel and killed him in the exact same way.

He then placed the young boy in a full bathtub to try and make the crime scene look like Barahona had killed the boy and then committed suicide.

Throughout the investigation, Infante denied any connection with the murders and even released a statement about the grief he was going through due to the loss of his beloved son.

Eventually, police questioning got the better of Infante and he confessed to killing both individuals. He has yet to state a motive for the murders, and police are beginning to believe that there isn’t one.

This is not the first time that Infante and Barahona have had their names in the news. Several years ago, they made headlines when they engaged in a relationship while Infante was a high school student and Barahona was his teacher.

Barahona was fired from her job at the school and she and Infante continued their relationship for a while, but eventually broke up.

Felicia Barahona’s family have spoken out about the murders of their loved ones by stating that they are shocked and horrified at the loss of two beautiful individuals. They shared that they cannot fathom how a father could harm his own son in such a brutal and calculated manner. They state that they hope Infante receives the worst possible punishment for the terror he imparted on his son and former girlfriend.

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