Teacher Gives Student HIV. You Won’t Believe Who Caught Them In The Act! 

A high school teacher from Georgia has been arrested after he was caught engaging in a sexual relationship with one of his students. It is alleged that the teacher knowingly had intercourse with the teenager without expressing to him that he has HIV.

Tracy Crosby has been charged with sexual assault, as well as engaging in a sexual act with someone unaware of potential health risks.

Crosby is not only a high school teacher, but also an occasional investigator for his local police department. According to reports, the teacher and student met at school and struck up a friendship that eventually led to a physical relationship. They would occasionally meet up outside of school to engage in sexual acts.

On the night when Crosby was arrested, his teenage lover left his home without telling his parents where he was going. The victim’s mother became curious about what he was up to, so she got in her car and followed him.

She ended up arriving at a local park where she witnessed her son having sex with Crosby in his car. She immediately called authorities.

Allegedly, the teen was totally unaware that he was possibly being exposed to HIV and stated that Crosby never expressed to him that he had the disease. Crosby stated that he was too embarrassed to tell the teen about his condition and knew that if he did the boy wouldn’t want to continue their sexual relationship.

Tracy Crosby has been suspended from his position at the school where he worked while a thorough investigation is being carried out. He has also been fired from his post as investigator at the police station.

A sheriff at the station has spoken out about the incident by stating that the entire police force feels like they have left down the community by not stopping the atrocity that was taking place before it was too late.

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