Bitter Ex Sets Girlfriend’s House On FIRE! Who He Tried To BLAME The CRIME On Is LAUGHABLE!

Jose Madrigal has been arrested for allegedly covering his ex-girlfriend’s home and lawn in gasoline and setting it on fire. According to reports, the teenager and her family were inside the house at the time. Luckily, no one was harmed in the incident and only minor damage was done to the residence.

After Madrigal and his girlfriend broke up, he posted on social media that he wanted to get revenge on his ex. He allegedly went to a local gas station where he filled up a canister with the highly flammable substance.

He then drove to his ex’s home and doused her front yard in gasoline, as well as the front of the building. He pulled out a lighter and set the entire thing ablaze. He then hopped in his car and drove off, thinking that he was going to get away with the crime.

Police revealed that the family inside the house is extremely lucky that they did not suffer any serious injuries and that their car, which was sitting on the driveway next the grass that was on fire, did not explode and cause serious damage not only to their house, but the surrounding homes, too.

Authorities reviewed security footage near the home and spotted Madrigal’s car near his ex-girlfriend’s home shortly before the house went up in flames.

They brought the teenager in for questioning and he allegedly told them that he had driven by her house and witnessed a black man he had never seen before running away from the scene of the crime. Police eventually revealed to him that they knew he was to blame and he ultimately confessed.

Police also allege that the entire attack was preplanned because they found evidence on Madrigal’s computer that he had been researching how to set a house on fire just days before the incident took place.

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