Couple Accused of Letting Young Child Live ALONE In MISERABLE Environment! (PICS)

Jennifer Nichols and Joshua Sanders have been arrested on allegations that they left their young child alone for months at a time in a trailer that they were leasing. The finding was made by the landlord, who immediately notified authorities after the shocking discovery.

Allegedly, the couple let their child live alone for several months while they galivanted around the country. It is not known how old the child is, but reports indicate that the boy is of the age that still requires an adult’s assistance to do a lot of things.

The landlord told police that she became suspicious of the couple after she had not seen them around the trailer for a number of weeks. When she went into the trailer to investigate, she found the boy all by himself. He told her that he had not eaten a proper meal in a long time and that he had not been to school for several months.

He allegedly revealed to the landlord that he spoke to his parents every now and then and that they sent him a few dollars here and there, but he had no way of getting anywhere to actually buy food or the things he needed.

The landlord attempted to take care of the boy for several days, but told authorities that it was too much work for her seeing as she had her own children to take care of. Officials eventually stepped in and took the young boy into federal custody. Nichols and Sanders were eventually tracked down by police and arrested for neglect.

They shared that they believed their son was old enough to be left alone and that they had left him with enough money and food to take care of himself for a few months. The pair are currently awaiting trial and could face jail time if convicted.

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