Mother Goes Home With NEWBORN, Girl Finds Out Its Actually A Boy, Then She Does THIS!!

Oksana Kolesnikova, a 36 year old new mother, was expecting a girl because the doctors told her so at Liski’s regional hospital, five days later she went home with a boy.

Oksana went home to her four other children and decided to give the child her first bath, only to realize it was a boy when she was changing her “daughter’s” nappy. She rushed to check the label from the hospital and it said that she had given birth to a girl.

Oksana, confused, said that she met her baby only briefly during her time in the hospital in Voronezh region, when midwives put the baby on her chest, and before she can fully inspect her child, he was taken away from her because of “infection risks”.

The mother was interviewed by Russian Channel One, she said that she had repeatedly asked the nurse if she had had a boy or a girl, and the nurse refrained from answering until a third attempt when she shouted back that she was having a girl. The baby’s passport also indicated that the child was female, all the supporting documents had the same information.

A lot of Russian hospitals still have the same system they had during the soviet times, this 40 year-old system includes minimal contact between the newborn baby and the healthy mother.

Of course, Oksana was afraid that she was given the wrong child, and that hers was swapped with another parent, she quickly called the hospital where doctors performed a DNA test, but shocked her with the results. It turns out it was her child after all.

The doctors said that the nurses and midwives were probably busy and tired, they had had several births that day and most likely made a mistake when putting in the baby’s details. The deputy chief doctor said that this is forgivable since no one’s health was affected or put at risk, and that documents can be corrected, but Oksana’s child was in fact, a boy.

Oksana is still suspicious and is set out to have a second third-party analysis.

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