Small Car ACCIDENT Turns Into Full Blown SHOOTOUT! You Won’t Believe HOW This Happened!

Two men have been arrested after they began shooting at one another during what many have called a very small fender bender. The shooting resulted in one innocent passerby being hit in the head and one of the drivers being shot in the chest. It is not known what initiated the shootout, but witnesses say the incident escalated far beyond what it should have.

Allegedly, the drivers collided on a busy road during afternoon traffic. One of the drivers got out of his car and went to confront the other. After a brief conversation, the driver in front returned to his car to retrieve a gun.

The two drivers then engaged in gunfire for a short while. One lady who was walking by the incident was struck by one of the stray bullets. Luckily, it only grazed her head and she is expected to be fine. One of the drivers was also shot in the chest and is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital.

Several media journalists were in the area when the situation occurred and when they heard the gunfire ringing out they ran to the scene of the crime.

One of the reporters stated when she made it to the scene of the accident, the shooting had stopped, but the drivers were still aimlessly throwing their guns around. She said that she was worried not only for the safety of the drivers, but also for the safety of people who were passing by.

Many people have expressed their distress that such a minor incident turned into something that could have resulted in people losing their lives. Several witnesses shared their thoughts on road rage and how they believe everyone should be required to take a class on how to deal with angry drivers in order to avoid similar situations taking place in the future.

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