Kardashians’ Diet SECRETS REVEALED!! Does The “Kardashian” DIET Work?!

The Kardashian sisters are famous in their own right, yet insiders reveal that the five are very different when it comes to their eating and exercise habits.

On one end of the spectrum, Kim (36) is by far the most health conscious. She reportedly works out for up to two hours a day with a personal trainer who alternates between intense cardio and toning. Kim meticulously plans out her meals, as she will not eat carbs, dairy or sugar.

She places emphasis on lots of green veggies and superfoods, such as blueberries and chia seeds, as well as lean, organic chicken and fish.

The complete opposite of Kim Kardashian is little sister Kylie Jenner (20), who prides herself on her carefree lifestyle. Kylie loves all things related to junk food, and often eats candy or chips for breakfast. As far as daily exercises, Kylie refuses to establish any kind of workout routine beyond dancing at nightclubs and shopping with friends.

Kylie’s recent pregnancy announcement has left her family and friends alike concerned about her health habits. After her sisters pleaded with her to take better care of herself, Kylie finally agreed to hire a personal nutritionist and chef to ensure she is getting balanced meals and proper nutrients, at least until the baby is born.

Khloe Kardashian (33), who also recently announced that she was expecting, is a compromise between her two sisters. She makes sure to engage in some sort of physical activity each day, such as running, yoga or Pilates.

When it comes to food, she is neither as obsessively strict as Kim nor as blatantly hedonistic as Kylie. Instead, Khloe simply seeks to make healthy choices by avoiding white sugar and limiting her carb intake.

“It seems to be working well for her,” says an insider. “Khloe believes in balance, and makes sure that she allows herself a treat now and again as a reward for sticking to her diet plan. The emphasis right now is on ensuring that she has a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.”

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