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Man Has 370 MILLION LUCKY Lottery Ticket, DIES Day Before CASHING It Out! Could Someone Still FIND It?!!

How can you be both the luckiest and most unlucky person in the world?

Step 1 – Buy a lottery ticket.

Step 2 – Forget about the lottery ticket in one of your jeans.

Step 3 – Find the lottery ticket three weeks later, realize you’ve won close to 370 million dollars.

Step 4 – Overdose on heroin, die 12 hours before receiving your winnings.

Argentinian Lionel Eustathius moved to Las Vegas in 1997 and worked over a dozen different jobs. He briefly moved to New York to pursue an acting career, but his heroin dependency made him unsuitable for any role, he never made it to the silver screen – or any screen for that matter.

“Lionel and I were going home from a night-shift as bouncers in XS Las Vegas Nightclub when I suggested buying two lottery tickets,” Lionel’s friend recalls the night it all started, “He didn’t seem enthusiastic about it; he wasn’t much of a gambler, but I was, it’s why I moved to Las Vegas in the first place.”

“We both got a ticket and he completely forgot about it until I rang him up three weeks later asking if he can cover my shift. Before, I hung up, I reminded him about the tickets, told him mine was not worth a plugged nickel, and hung up, and that was that. I never heard from him again.”

Police found Lionel unconscious near the 109 Maryland Pkwy. bus stop, he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead upon arrival. It was later discovered that Lionel had phoned a tax pro and told him he had won the lottery, and asked for the earnings to be paid out in 30 installments over 15 years.

He had also contacted legal and financial advisors, before he went completely off the grid before police found him.

A quick post-mortem revealed Lionel had overdosed on heroin and had a lot to drink before he passed out near the bus stop.

The Multi-State Lottery Association is now looking for an estate to pay out the winnings to distribute the money to Lionel’s heirs, but it is unclear at the moment who’s getting the 370 million dollar cheque.

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