Man CRASHES Vehicle Into STRIP CLUB, Claims Car Is POSSESSED By His DEAD Ex-Wife.

44-year-old Stephen Ridley went for the ride of his life when his car plowed straight into the side of a strip club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ridley claims that his vehicle has been acting erratic for several weeks and that he believes his ex-wife is to blame. There’s just one issue: his ex-wife is dead.

When authorities arrived on the scene of the crash, they question Ridley and gave him a breathalyzer test which determined that he was not driving drunk.

Ridley shared with police that was simply driving down the road when his car began pulling sideways and the breaks stopped working. Before he knew it, he was aiming straight for the side of Sunny Nights Strip Club.

Stephen Ridley has started making his rounds through the media after many news outlets have falsely reported that he was driving under the influence.

Ridley reveals that his car has been acting funny for several weeks, but incidents only happen when he is on his way for a date or to meet a woman. Because of this, Ridley thoroughly believes that his car is possessed by the spirit of his dead ex-wife, Linda.

Linda divorced Stephen Ridley back in 2009 when she found out that he had been cheating on her with various other women. He was served with divorce papers while he was enjoying the sights and sounds at none other than Sunny Nights Strip Club.

Unfortunately, Linda passed away from cancer in 2013, but Ridley believes her spirit has come back for vengeance. He states that he no longer feels safe while driving and that he can’t have a love life anymore for fear that he may end up hurt or even dead.

Authorities are running tests to see if there are any mechanical problems with Stephen Ridley’s car in hope of putting his mind to rest.

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