This OHIO COP Ended Up On The WRONG Side of A TASER, Find Out Why His PARTNER SHOT Him!

Clumsy cops pairing together to fight bad guys sounds like a movie plot of some sorts. Doesn’t it? In real life, cops maintain the highest discipline and order and are trained to take on anything and everything. That is why they are handed guns of all kinds because we know that they could use it responsibly and sensibly.

However, it did not go well for a pair of Ohio cops especially one of them when the other tased the wrong target while trying to subdue the suspect.

The officers got a report of a domestic incident and set out to bring in the suspect who was identified as 22-year-old Christopher McClinton. On reaching the scene the officers found Christopher sitting in a vehicle. The officers followed the protocol and requested him to get out of the vehicle. Christopher reportedly refused and did not even denied identifying himself with the police as well.

The officers dragged out Christopher from the vehicle and he began resisting. One of the cops held him down to the ground and tried handcuffing him but the other responded by firing a taser at the victim.

However, he missed not by much but just a margin as one prong landed on the suspect while the other was on his partner. Without realizing it the cop with the taser in hand pulled the trigger of the gun and his partner was heard screaming instructions for letting go of the trigger.

The culprit finally realized his mistake and in the end, apologized to his partner who had to be taken to the hospital as he had injured his head.

The incident surely raised eyebrows in the training given to these policemen. It could have been a normal person who could have got tased if he or she had tried to help catching a suspect fleeing away from the authorities.

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