Rihanna’s SAVAGE Response To A Fan On TRANS Women Will Leave You COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS!

Every make up lover in town is talking of  Fenty Beauty. I bet you have heard about it,Rihanna’s new cosmetics brand. The new  brand of cosmetics has taken a good toll on its consumers reasons being its renowned quality and inclusivity.

Consumers all over social media have got nothing but good feedback about these products. This is the best marketing strategy which is drawing customers from all over. The cosmetic products favor diverse skin tones and backgrounds.

This was visible in the ad campaign which featured all the aforementioned women. The campaign left mouths wide open as  it resembled one from the United Nations.

Trans-women however felt left out leading a fan to throw a comment about it. The fan requested Rihanna to feature trans-women in her next campaign.Transwomen haven’t been featured in the makeup industry previously.

To the fans shock, Rihanna responded to the message and with a positive response. She said that she didn’t have an intention of leaving anyone out and that she loves and will treat all her fans equally.

Rihanna has been spotted in the past speaking about how paramount it is to stand together as one and celebrating all  our differences. Rihanna also referred to as the lemon singer talked about diversity in the cosmetic industry.

Her fans on the social platforms applaud and celebrated her great accomplishment. One of her fan known as Cat Quinn in her message to Rihanna encourages others to  listen to Rihanna speak about the importances of producing makeup shades.

Overly there is a lot of mixed reactions from fans on the internet. A good percentage rants about the transgender and how Rihanna skipped them out of  her campaign. Some of the fans stood up for Rihanna in regards to her response on the issue and how she answered

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