What This Woman Did To Her GRANDMOTHER Will Leave You FROZEN In HORROR!

Grandparents and grandchildren share a special bond with each other like no other. The only thing that exists is the love for each other. Grandparents often spoil their grandchildren with their immense love and care.

However, for poor Adele Andrews who is 87-year-old it her granddaughter turned out to be evil and played a plot straight from some dark movie to keep her granny passive almost every day of her life.

Jennie Greaves, Adele’s granddaughter continually poisoned her grandmother’s meals with strong anti-depressants that kept her passive throughout the day. The ant-depressant rich diet led to Adele being admitted to the hospital multiple times in a short span of time.

Andrew’s doctor grew suspicious of her multiple visits to the hospital and on elaborate investigation found out that she was being given drugs that she wasn’t supposed to take. This is when he informed Andrew’s family about someone intoxicating the old lady with drugs and eventually they figured out that it was none other than Andrew’s granddaughter who did this.

Jennie stole 5,280 pounds in cash and used her grandmother’s credit card for spending a week in a five-star hotel and using its spa. Yes, you heard it right Jennie risked her beloved grandmother’s life just for mere money and spending a week at the spa.

It was later revealed that Jennie had stayed with her grandparents from a very early age and in spite of that she had poisoned her grandmother to take advantage of her. When questioned upon for her actions Jennie stated that taking care of her grandparents was overwhelming and she needed a break from it.

When Andrew’s family found out about Jennie’s deeds they booted Jennie out of the home. A 68-year-old ill man offered her refuge and she even stole 3000 pounds from him. In the end, Jennie admitted to multiple frauds and poisoning her grandmother and has been jailed.

The love of grandparents is so pure and selfless that even after hearing what her granddaughter did to her Andrew’s stated that he missed her. Money is important but cannot be traded with love.

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