Donald Trump Has Started A WAR With The FBI, And It Won’t End Nicely.

US President Donald Trump just went out at the FBI. Trump  let out strong denial concerning Michael Flynn. This came out when James Comey a former director questioned the matter.

He poured out his anger over the FBI repute via his Twitter Account. This comes after  a series od development in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s call into the supposed Russian involvement in the United States Elections.

Donald Trump has come out to deny that his team cooperated with Russia during the election period.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller had discharged an FBI officer from the elections investigation after it was discovered that he had made a series of anti-Trump comments through leaked text messages.

The President still went to tweet on the dismissal of the FBI officer.

Robert Muller’s spokesperson cleared the air after news of the dismissal of the FBI officer broke out. Few days ago former security adviser Michael Flynn made an announcement to cooperate with Robert Muller’s investigation. BUT WHY???? To plead guilty to less charge against his lie to the FBI.

Michael Flynn has already admitted lying to the FBI and his sentence has already being lessened to 6 months. Special US  analysts have made it known that the former security adviser has some incriminating details of some of the top senior officials in the Trump’s government.

Things are not yet ending here yet. A lot is getting complicated. Now comes the  controversy between Michael Flynn and and then Director of the FBI James Comey. Remember Donald Trump dismissed Flynn for giving a false account his contacts with the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak to that of his Vice President Mike Pence.

James Comey confessed that in a private meeting held by the US President, just one day after Michael Flynn got dismissed, Trump demanded him to show lenity to the fired Flynn. The President said  to Comey “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.”

The President has denied claims that he has being pushing James Comey to drop the investigationns against Michael Flynn through a tweet.

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